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Thanks to everybody who came out on June 22 for the PressPausePlay screening. The 10th SweetTalk Copenhagen was a great success – the movie gave everyone something to think and talk about for sure, and the Campari afterwards kept the evening and the conversation going strong. Here’s a few photos from the evening. SweetTalk Cph and Plant will be back with another event after the summer. Sign up for our mailing list (in the right column) to stay up to date.

Here’s some photon from the night by Anders Hviid.

PressPausePlay screening update: Free Campari bar afterwards!

Sweettalk and Plant are super happy to announce that directly after the screening of PressPausePlay this coming Wednesday evening (22 June at 21.30) we are going to have a ‘Creative Lounge’ in the café of Grand cinema, sponsored by the delicious Campari. What a perfect way to enjoy one of the longest evenings of the year, hanging out with a nice creative bunch of people for an after-movie chat and having some gratis Campari served to you. Just show your movie ticket to the people in the Campari bar (it’ll be in the back room, not at the regular bar). Here’s what one of those drinks will look like…

I know, you’re feeling thirsty already. Us too.
Book your tickets now at Grand’s website here. Full details in the previous post.

SweetTalk Cph #10 – Screening of ‘PressPausePlay’ June 22

SweetTalk Cph in association with Plant presents


A documentary on the state of creative digitized culture today
Grand Teatret, 22 June 2011 at 21.30.

Continuing our theme of bringing inspiring films on creativity to Copenhagen, SweetTalk Cph and Plant bring you ‘PressPausePlay‘. Recent winner of ‘Best Documentary’ at the Santa Cruz Film Festival, this Swedish produced film looks at how the digital age has had democratised culture, unleashing creativity and unlimited creative opportunities. But does democratized culture mean better art, film, music and literature or is true talent instead flooded and drowned in the vast digital ocean of mass culture? Is it cultural democracy or mediocrity?

PressPausePlay contains interviews with some of the world’s most influential creators of the digital era. From Bill Drummond to Lykke Li,from Moby to Hot Chip and Robyn, as well as contributions from the creators of The Hype Machine, Napster, Pitchfork and many, many more. The film was shot globally between August 2009 – January 2011, covering more than 150 hours of interview footage with international creatives and thinkers and is a document on the state of digitized culture today.

This is the full length-version and will be screened with a special video introduction for Copenhagen by the directors. There’ll be a chance to mingle and chat over a drink in the foyer after the screening.

Film is in English, with no subtitles.

Tickets are 80kr. and available to buy here through Grand’s website (use the drop down menu on the right to chose the date).

SweetTalk Cph in association with Plant presents
With special introduction by the directors and a very special guest.
Grand Teatret, Wednesday 22 June, 2011 at 21.30h.
Tickets 80kr.


Signed CPH Objectified posters

While cleaning up around the office we found two posters from the Copenhagen screening of Objectified – and these were signed my the director himself, Gary Hustwit. There are tiny creases in the posters, but not very noticeable. If you would like one mail me at this address and I’ll confirm that you can have one of the signed ones, then simply order one as normal through the Poster Shop link above.


Urbanized film coming soon

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Gary Hustwit’s Urbanized, the third in his trilogy (Helvetica and Objectified were one and two) is gearing up for some worldwide screenings. Before we fix on a Copenhagen date take a look at these tasty limited edition posters from who else but Build.

Do Typefaces Matter? article


While everyone else in Copenhagen is away at a summer house in Sweden I’m sitting in our lovely Smoke & Mirror Studio office in Vesterbro trying to get some work done and trying harder to cool the office down. Luckily, to keep myself occupied between the work I found this interesting article on the BBC website: Do Typefaces Really Matter? Always good to hear about these things from a non-designer perspective. It’s a basic article but you can show it to your parents or hairdresser when they ask you what you do.

Offset 2010 event

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Hello again. Wow, it’s been too long but we’re back. Just a quick post to draw your attention to the most amazing design event going on back in my old country of Ireland. Offset 2010 is a three day creative conference happening in Dublin from October 1st – 3rd and it has attracted the most fantastic collection of international designers to speak and present at it. Some design legends (eg. Mark Farrow, pictured), some on top of their game now and the rest all operate on the high levels of awesomeness. You can buy tickets through their website now and god knows if you’ll ever have as good a reason to get your ass to Dublin. SAS and Norwegian fly there.


Here’s a selected group of speakers…

Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook (Unit Editions)
Graphic Designers / Publishers

Alan Clarke

Daniel Eatock

David Carson
Graphic Designer

David O’Reilly

George Lois
Ad Executive/Designer

Lance Wyman
Design Legend

Graphic Designers

Mark Farrow
Graphic Designer

Nate Williams

Poke London
Advertising Agency

Scott Dadich (Wired Magazine)
Graphic Designer

Steven Heller
Art Director

Zach Gold

A Berlin Week in Polaroids – Thursday


Well, intending to post a straightforward shot of the impressive Templehof airport building I turned the corner to find a tree of balloons sprouting out of the top of a signpost. No particular reason for it, but it was beautiful. That was the week – seven shots from an old Polaroid 600. It’s a beautiful way to make a photo – you really have to commit. No editing. No copies. You live with the faults. Hope you enjoyed the week of photos – now back to organising some more SweetTalking.

Polaroid resurrection team The Impossible Project have just started to remake the monochromatic PX600 film. It was launched on Friday 30 April and the sample results they have look fantastic so if you have an old 600 camera do try to get some.

A Berlin Week in Polaroids – Wednesday


It seemed very appropriate to photograph a Stasi office with the Polaroid, and sure enough you get all the pre-digital gloom and authority of the Stasi’s former HQ in this shot. They have kept one floor almost exactly as it was after the fall of the wall in 1989 – which is almost exactly what it was like in 1960. Another room full of hidden cameras in it is a boys’ paradise – cameras in buttons, watering cans and even logs. You can even sit and have a coffee in the Stasi canteen on the way out, like the cold war never ended.

A Berlin Week in Polaroids – Tuesday


Certainly not included for any great photographic purpose (I totally missed that there was the huge TV tower at Alexanderplatz just behind them) but it is included because the two greatest people you could hope to meet on a Tuesday in Berlin are Rilla and Steve from Rinzen, who some of you will remember from their SweetTalk Cph presentation some years back. We had a fantastic long, leisurely Mexican lunch with plenty of good natured ranting and I felt like I’d had my brain massaged back into life by the end of it. The enjoyment of Berlin, like many places, is ALL about the people you meet.

A quick apology to all you subscribers who received yesterday’s post in your mail box too. It was not meant to happen and we are updating our subscriber mail system very soon so this won’t happen again and you will easily be able to unsubscribe and so on.